2016 has certainly been an interesting year with its fair share of ups and downs but sometimes things just work out. I have been interested in opening my own brokerage for a long time, honestly for about as long as I’ve had my license I’ve been thinking about and refining the idea that has become Madison Street Realty. Now this year with the help and support of a lot of friends and the faith and encouragement of many of my clients I made it happen. This holiday season I’d like to thank everyone who over the years has trusted me to assist them in their search for a new home or to sell their old one, and everyone who listened to me talk endlessly about all my ideas and offered their thoughts and advice, and everyone who said “do it, you’ll do great” even with my ego a little extra encouragement never hurt. It’s to all these people and everyone else reading this I am proud to announce that Madison Street Realty is officially open for business!

900 Madison Street at night

Thank you

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!